Norway and Indonesia discuss the future of Aquaculture

Norway’s Foreign Affaires Minister Henrik Thorne and the Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia, Rut Kruger Giverin, discussed the future of Aquaculture with Indonesia’s Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister, Sakti Wahyu Trenggono last week.

Trenggono highlighted one of the related topics being the potential for cooperation in the field of productive and environmentally friendly aquaculture. It was also added that European countries are the largest salmon producers in the world, so he hopes to establish cooperation between Indonesia and Norway, especially in the field of cultivation technology.

The Ministry’s Director-General of Aquaculture, Tb Haeru Rahayu, further added that so far he had learned a lot about the aquaculture industry in Norway and that he viewed the discussions regarding aquaculture between the two countries as needed to create impactful progress in the fisheries industries in Norway and Indonesia.

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