Norway celebrates World Ocean Day in Shanghai 

People participate in the event at Shanghai Ocean Aquarium on Tuesday night. Photo: Courtesy of Consulate General of Norway in Shanghai.

The Norwegian Consulate in Shanghai, Innovation Norway, and the Norwegian Seafood Council teamed up to organize an event in celebration of World Oceans Day on 8 June, Global Times writes in a recently published article. 

With a pledge to preserve the oceans which cover more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface, this year, World Ocean Day was based on the theme ‘The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods’. The event was held at Shanghai Ocean Aquarium and focused on the importance of oceans for people’s life and activities in the world.

The oceans makeup Earth’s primary life support system and produce “at least 50 percent of our oxygen,” Lise Nordgaard, Consul General of Norway in Shanghai said during the event. This year’s Ocean Day in China also highlighted the protection of marine biodiversity as well as raising awareness of the public about the coexistence between human beings and nature.

During the event, The Norwegian Seafood Council pointed out that our oceans also provide transportation, energy, recreation, and employment and without healthy oceans, we can not have a healthy future.

To Global Times, Victoria Braathen, Director of the Norwegian Seafood Council of the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong talked about seafood safety and said, “the Norwegian seafood industry has been present in the China market for over 20 years” and its products have a strong position in this market. She added that there has been a rise in cooperation between Norwegian and Chinese seafood businesses and that this would guarantee a long-term presence in the Chinese market.

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