Norway has sent emergency food supplies to Norwegian athletes in isolation in China

Pål Trulsen has brought food from Norway to help Norwegian Olympic athletes in quarantine. PHOTO: JON EEG / LERA VASNETSOVA / NTB / INSTAGRAM

If Olympic athletes test positive for covid-19 upon arrival or during their time in China, they are placed in mandatory isolation but especially the food in isolation may not be what the athletes are used to or need. 

The Olympic Summit has therefore taken action to help the Norwegian athletes who are or may end up in quarantine hotels in China and when Secretary-General of the Norwegian Curling Association Pål Trulsen went to Beijing last week, he brought with him large amounts of food, NRK writes.

The food is meant to improve conditions for the isolated Norwegian Olympic athletes while also providing them with a better diet.  

One to recently criticize the food in quarantine in China is Russian athlete Valerija Vasnetsova who tested positive upon arrival in Beijing and had to be placed in isolation. After five days she took to Instagram to complain about the food and said, amongst other things, that she had lost a lot of weight, that her stomach was hurting and that she was pale due to the lack of food options. 

Commenting on the food brought from Norway, Olympiatoppen’s media manager Halvor Lea says, “Of course, they get food in isolation. We are talking about Olympic athletes, but it’s more about what they also get.” 

“We have indeed taken some initiatives there for the athletes to get more replenishment,” Halvor Lea adds.

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