Norway, Indonesia ink seafood safety pact

Norway and Indonesian have signed a Mutual Recoginition Arrangement (MRA) on Quality and Food Safety of Fish and Fishery Products.

The Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Quality and Food Safety of Fish and Fishery Products between the Fish Quarantine and Inspection Agency of The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) of Norway was signed in Bergen, Norway in September 2013.

The Norwegian Embasy has actively facilitated the meetings and discussions leading to the agreement and considers this a milestone in the Indonesian-Norwegian bilateral cooperation on fisheries.fishingnorway

The Norwegian Seafood Council has high hopes for increased export of Norwegian seafood, especially Norwegian salmon, to the Indonesian market. Norway is the world’s largest exporter of fresh, air flown salmon and can deliver fresh salmon throughout the year to a market in strong economic growth. We see a strong trend within the sushi and sashimi segment throughout Asia and believe that this trend will gain momentum also in Indonesia in the years to come.

Growth for Norwegian Salmon in Indonesia rests on the ability to bring in more fresh salmon to professionals and consumers. Due to lack of harmonized approval systems between our two countries the Norwegian salmon is currently under a 48 hours mandatory testing regime. With this newly signed MRA it is our hope that the quarantine established for extra testing can be removed. This will greatly improve the market situation for Indonesian importers who create value added products for export and domestic sales and give Indonesian consumers a fresher product. An improved trade situation for seafood from Norway will provide more tasty, healthy seafood from the cold, clear waters of Norway to Indonesia.

Source: Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta

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