Norway interested in expanding cooperation with China

Cooperation with China has been benefiting Norway and the government has an interest in expanding such cooperation. This is according to two senior advisors from the Norwegian government.

Tobias Svenningsen, senior advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Simen Svenheim, senior advisor at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, stated this during their speeches at a seminar hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Norway on Wednesday, August 2.

“From the Norwegian perspective, I think our economies are very compatible. We are not in competition,” Svenningsen said.

He underlined the compatibility, by mentioning the intertwined global supply chains and close bilateral ties in various sectors. He added, that Norwegian businesses operating in China have been successful and profitable. Svenningsen then emphasized Norway’s interest in expanding cooperation with China in ocean economy. In particularly about seafood exports.

Svenheim said that China’s continued economic growth has greatly benefited Norway. Especially after the introduction of China to the multilateral trading system two decades ago.

Citing the significant growth of Norway’s import of Chinese electric vehicles, he shared how these Chinese brands have been contributing to the bilateral economic cooperation.

Both advisors noted their support for Norwegian businesses to participate in the CIFTIS and the CIIE. The CIFTIS will be held in Beijing in early September, while the CIIE will be held in Shanghai in early November.

Source: The Star

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