Norwegian accused of murder in Phuket has returned home

A 50-year-old Norwegian man accused of murder has returned home to Norway, where he has turned himself in to the police. That is according to Norwegian TV 2.

The man has admitted that he killed a British family man at a luxury hotel in Phuket back in 2019. He himself explains to the media that he acted out of “necessity.”

For almost four years, in fear of a Thai prison sentences, he has lived at several unknown addresses around the Asian continent.

But on Friday, May 26, the Norwegian managed to take a flight from Thailand to Paris and from Paris to Oslo with a fake passport.

“I’m in bad shape, but I don’t want to elaborate on that. I’m going to the emergency room. I also have nowhere to live, so maybe they can help me,” he said to Norwegian TV 2.

“I can confirm that he has been in contact with the police and informed them that he has returned home. He will allow himself to be questioned when his state of health allows it,’ says his defense lawyer, Farid Bouras.

Norwegian police confirm that the man will allow himself to be questioned.


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