Norwegian consultancy shuns dam-affected Malaysian natives

Norwegian consultancy group Norconsult refuses to receive a Malaysian NGO delegation in Oslo. Indigenous spokesman Peter Kallang said: “We ask Norconsult to stop assisting Sarawak Energy in destroying our livelihoods”.norconsult

A delegation of dam-affected natives from the Malaysian state of Sarawak on May 21 made a surprise call at the Oslo headquarters of Norconsult, the Norwegian energy consultancy group. They demanded to talk to Norconsult’s CEO and President, John Nyheim, about the company’s businesses in Sarawak. The company secretariat, however, refused to let the natives talk to their staff and asked them to leave their headquarters in Sandvika in the greater Oslo area.

Norconsult has been providing technical and engineering services to the state-owned Malaysian dam builder and power supplier, Sarawak Energy, through its Malaysian subsidiary, NorPower.

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