Norwegian paid 66.000 baht after shark attack

The Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports e have paid a Norwegian bitten in the leg by a shark 66.000 baht, according to NewTV.

A bull shark like this is allegedly what decided to sink its teets into Norwegian Werner Daniels’ left foot.

The 54-year old Norwegian tourist was attack when swimming along the shores of Hua Hin beach and was quickly rushed to the hospital by bystanders and local police.

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The money was awarded by a committee within the Ministry as an aid to pay the hospital bill. However, due to problems with his insurance, he is still 200.000 baht short, but left for Norway on Sunday.

The Thai authorities are still trying to decide whether to enclose the beach in a shark net, something that would cost around 600.000 baht according to deputy governor of Prajuab Khirikhan Chotnarin Kertsom. It has been three months since the Norwegian was bitten.

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