Norwegian police officers carry guns in fear of terror

Photo: Arsenikk @ WikiCommons
Photo: Arsenikk @ WikiCommons

As one of the few police forces around the world, the Norwegian Police force has kept their guns locked in the patrol cars. Due to a raised fear of terrorist attacks, the gun policy  will temporarily change for a 4 week period.

From Tuesday morning the 26th November and the next 4 weeks Norwegian police officers will start carrying their own weapons. The reason is an increased risk of a terrorist attack. The Norwegian Police Security Service has told the national broadcaster NRK that the risk of an Islamic terrorist attack within the next year is between 60 and 90 percent.

According to NRK the police officer’s armory will mostly consist of service guns in a holster. One of the reasons why the police are being armed is that a threat analyze have shown the unarmed police officers as a potential target for terrorists.

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