Norwegian sold a shared racing horse and went to Thailand with the money

Photo: Tsutomu Takasu @ WikiCommons
Photo: Tsutomu Takasu @ WikiCommons

A Norwegian sold the racing horse Smedheim Solan, that was owned by a cooperative of 10 people, and went to Thailand with the NOK 1 million the new owner paid plus prize money the horse won during the last 7 months.

The 9 other shareholders of the Norwegian racehorse claims that they have been cheated not only for the profit connected with selling the horse but for their share of the NOK 1.3 million the horse won in prizes during the last 7 months. According to Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten the 9 other members of the cooperative have pressed charges against Jan Ketil Bråttas who claims to have donated all the money to a Thai village where he plans to stay and start at new life.

Full story in Norwegian:

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