Norwegian reports new Dreamliner glitch

Low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle on Sunday announced a new technical problem with one of its Boeing 787 “Dreamliners”, as the plane was grounded due to a flaw in its electrical system.
“We’ve had a problem since yesterday (Saturday) with a Dreamliner, linked to its electrical system,” company spokesman Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen told AFP.

“The aircraft is not getting enough electricity.”

The plane was scheduled to leave Oslo for Bangkok on Saturday, but after waiting for more than 24 hours, the passengers were transferred to Stockholm, where they boarded a chartered plane. It is the second incident that Norwegian has had this week with its Dreamliner fleet — which currently consists of two planes. Norwegian’s other Dreamliner was stuck on the tarmac of Stockholm’s Arlanda airport from Monday after a light suggested a problem with the brake system. The plane was finally deemed fit to fly on Friday after technicians concluded the light had lit up by mistake.


“That kind of technical issue tends to happen with new planes,” said Sandaker-Nielsen.

“If you think about Airbus A380, it also had all kinds of teething problems,” he said, referring to the large European-built passenger airliner.

Norwegian has ordered altogether eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners, of which two have been delivered so far, with a delay. The Dreamliner has encountered several serious difficulties since entering operation, especially with its batteries, causing the entire fleet to be grounded for about four months earlier this year.

These glitches do not appear to have seriously affected the fortunes of the American aircraft maker, which said Friday it had received 89 new orders for the plane since the start of the year.

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  1. Transfered to Stockholm !
    Are they actually not still in Bangkok ???
    Waiting at the Best Western hotel to fly back Dep. 10 !
    Norwegiansinformation system is quite lousy.
    But it is a discount company, and you get what u pay for.

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