Norwegian resort manager kidnapped from Philippines resort

Police has identified the hostages as the Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad, two Canadians as John Ridsel and Robert Hall and a Filipino woman who happens to be the wife to one of the Canadians.

Two Japanese tried to intervene before the gunman escaped with their four hostages aboard a motorized outrigger from Samal Island, but with no luck. The unidentified gunmen sailed off to Davao City said Captain Alberto Caber.

He tells a naval blockade was set up around the island to stop the kidnappers from reaching Basilan Island farther to the southwest where the militants have strongholds where they keep hostages while negotiating ransoms.

Captain Alberto Caber says at this moment authorities have no immediate suspects. In 2001, Abu Sayyaf militants tried to seize hostages from the Pearl Farm Beach Resort south of Oceanview during a ransom-kidnapping spree in the early 2000s in the southern Philippines.

They seized dozens of Filipino hostages on Basilan and 21 people, mostly European tourists, from the Malaysian resort of Sipadan in 2000, and abducted three Americans and 17 Filipinos in 2001 from the Dos Palmas resort in Palawan province southwest of Manila.

The Abu Sayyaf, which has about 400 gunmen, was recently declared a terrorist group by a Philippine court and is also on Washington’s lists of terror organizations.

The militants are still holding other hostages, including two Malaysians, a Dutch bird watcher kidnapped nearly three years ago, and a town mayor.


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