The Norwegian Seamen’s Church emergency app

Screenshots of the app from an iPhone. Source:
Screenshots of the app from an iPhone. Source:

The Norwegian Seamen’s Church employees have set out to help daily Norwegians in small and large crises abroad. The organization has developed an app, “Nødnummer”, to make your stay abroad safer. The app can be downloaded for both iPhone, Android and Windows and in the app store it has the following description:

“If an accident or disease strikes, The Norwegian Church Abroad’s App provides quick and easy emergency calls for medical assistance, fire and police in the country you are. In acute situations, we would tend to stress and not thinking as clearly as usual. Then it is important to have vital phone numbers readily available.”

Some of the major features in the app is as mentioned in the description, that you get automatic access to all local emergency numbers no matter what country you are in, but other than that, it shares your current position to let others find you via GPS coordinates, it stores contact number for relatives, employer, and telephone number of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It also has all embassies and the main “tourist consulates” placed as a reference and “Find-Home function” where you can place a marker at your location, and thus be able to see which way you are going back if you go out on tour.

The app is rated with a 4+ in the app store but has not yet received enough ratings for this to be considered general.



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