Norwegian salmon is safe to eat despite China’s ban

The Norwegian Seafood Council would like to reassure the public that Norwegian salmon is safe and healthy to eat.

The Chinese Government has alerted a full stop in import of whole Norwegian salmon with effect from September 10th 2014, due to concerns that a certain fish illness could affect Chinese aquaculture. The reason was never due to food safety or concerns for the consumers. salmon_norgei

There is no change in the safety or healthiness of Norwegian salmon. The ISA virus, which have been subject to some media attention inChina in recent days, is solely a fish illness, and cannot be transferred to humans. Also: Fish illnesses are not transferrable to humans or related to human sicknesses, on which there have been several misunderstandings in Chinese media over the last few days.

The whole media story, about the new AQSIQ regulations concerning the imports of Norwegian salmon was somehow due to food safety concerns, is based on misinterpretations and misunderstandings.


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