Topping out ceremony on first naturist resort in Bangkok

Scand-Media Group owners and staff held a traditional Scandinavian topping out ceremony together with the construction workers building the now semi-completed Barefeet Naturist Resort Bangkok on a piece of land owned by the media group and located near their offices on Ramintra Soi 14 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Barefeet Naturist Resort Bangkok will be the the first spa and mini-resort in Bangkok catering exclusively to naturists and nudists both Thai and foreign. Shielded from its neighbors by trees and green walls, the resort will offer a secure environment for a clothes free lifestyle in accordance with the guidelines recommended for member resort of Thailand Naturist Association Co., Ltd. The mini-resort will have five guest rooms available on the second floor with restaurant and spa facilities located on the ground floor.

The topping out ceremony was held on Friday 12 September 2014 in the afternoon on the ground floor of the building.

Known in Denmark, Sweden and Norway as rejsegilde, taklagsfest and kranselag, this ceremony marks the point during the construction of a building, where the rafters of the roof have been raised and the building has reached its final shape. It is an ancient, pre-christian rite to please the spirit of the land that the building is disturbing, strangely similar to the Thai traditional animistic ceremony held at the time the first pillar is erected. Both rites have the dual purpose of asking the spirit of the land for forgiveness and blessing the building and its future inhabitants.

A crucial part of the Nordic topping out tradition is the erection of a pole on the top of the building with a green, leafy wreath decorated with ribbons and the ensuing meal in which the construction workers join with the owners of the building, the architect and others involved in the project on an equal footing. This egalitarian part was at first a bit awkward for the Thai construction workers who are used to being placed near the bottom of the social class system. But eventually they joined in with their wives and children and enjoyed the party.

The workers building the mini-resort are typical Thai construction worker nomads. At the beginning of a new project they first build temporary corrugated iron sheds for themselves and move in here with their families from the previous construction site. They quickly establish a small community, growing vegetables, raising chicken etc sharing common washing and toilet facilities. When the project is completed, they move on to the next project.

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  1. Grattis till ett trevligt initiativ! Hoppas fler orter kan följa efter – gärna vid stränderna!

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