Norwegian Seafood Extravaganza in Indonesia


The Norwegian Seafood Extravaganza in Indonesia was held recently, with the purpose of increasing the market share in Indonesia.

“We bring lots of this coldwater seafood into the country and we displayed it as part of Norway’s marketing of seafood products. Norway represents the biggest seafood exporter in the world, and it’s all about the salmon […]. Norway is one of the biggest exporters worldwide and this is actually pretty much driving basically the international industry from Norway right now,” said Per Fredrik Ecker, board member of the Indonesian Norwegian Business Council (INBC).

First Secretary for Politics in Norway, Borgar Olsen Tormodsgard, stated that Norway’s seafood export to Indonesia is valued at USD 18 million last year. Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia, Stig Traavik, said: “What we want to do is really to enhance our business-to-business relationship and bring our expertise together, because we believe Indonesian aquaculture has a very bright future. It is going to grow fast, to become a big industry.”


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