Norwegian stabs Norwegian in Pattaya

people-315910_640An argument about money turned nasty for two Norwegian expats in Pattaya late at night between Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th December, according to local newsmedia Pattaya One.

A 58 year old Norwegian sustained a stab wound to his head after a fight between him and his friend broke out, allegedly over persistent financial requests.

The Police were called in 2:30 AM and assisted the 58 year old Norwegian who was at the entrance of a condominium, according to Pattaya One the wound was serious and he lost a considerable amount of blood.

At the scene he told the police that his so called friend had stabbed him in the head. The two men are both Norwegian, lives in the same condominium and is said to have known each other for 3 years.

The police interviewed “the friend” who is a 57 year old Norwegian, but so far no criminal charges have been pressed.

Full story: Pattaya One



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