Norwegian Stein Dokset tried to buy his way out of a trial


Yesterday was the first day of trial against Norwegian Stein Dokset who stands accused of murdering his ex-wife in a gruelling case that has had huge coverage in his homeland as well as in Thailand.

Rungnapa “June” Ratchasombut who was found in the man’s dumpster last year at his villa on Phuket, Thailand. She had been missing since the summer of 2009 and the Norwegian was arrested for having killed her and concealing the body, Dagbladet writes.

On the first day of trial, the brother of June, Nirut Rittikul was to testify. He explained that he had been approached by Dokset who offered to pay 5 million baht to the family and also 4.3 million baht to the care of June’s three sons. The offer still stands and has neither been rejected or accepted. Nirut Rittikul also explained that he had in fact considering taking the money.

“Either way, I will not get my sister back,” he said in court.

It is however doubtful that the money is enough to prevent Dokset from being convicted. The case has high priority of the authorities.

According to Stein Dokset, an accident caused her death. In an interrogation he explained the authorities that the two had an argument, during which she fell down some stairs and died. When he discovered that she was dead he panicked and concealed the body. He had managed to hide the body for over two years until the maid noticed strange smells around the house and the police raided the villa.

Charges against Dokset are first degree homicide possession of illegal arms. Doksen plead innocent to all charges. If found guilty he risks the death penalty.

The main trials are set for three different dates. Tuesday this week, February 22 and March 8 where the defence will take the flour.