Norwegian webportal makes Thai real estate easy

FindYourSpace is a real-estate web portal for Thailand which allows you to easily find your new dream home. Norwegian Jostein Aksness from Bergen quit his old job to stake everything on FindYourSpace.

By exploring neighborhoods, investigate real-estate projects, and discovering available properties on the map FindYourSpace is meant to make the process of property buying smooth. Jostein Aksness believes his new web portal is the easy-to-use choice when comparing to the other real estate webportals in Thailand. According to him they lack userfriendliness and are not well updated. He has often noticed old adds still remaining and not being removed from the different sites.

The idea of FindYourSpace is very similar to the Norwegian web portal but Jostein Aksness will differ with a more mapbased system. The user will filter his claims and then see a map who shows apartments and estates in a particular area, which the user choose himself.

Jostein Aksness wants FindYourSpace to be the Thai people’s first choice when searching for real estate. Right now they have more than 5000 estates in their database, and 27 realtors are using FindYourSpace on the webportal and the free app. Jostein Aksness is now searching for new investors to make FindYourSpace bigger.

Until now all marketing has been free of charge. In January 2016 he will make a condition of payment, starting in Bangkok and moving out to other parts of the country.

He has chosen to drive his company in Thailand for two reasons.

”There is a lot lot of big investment companies here who are looking for companies to put their stakes on. In addition to this Thailand and other countries in South East Asia is two steps behind us (Norwegians, red) when it comes to everyday IT-solutions. Solutions, that we take for granted”, says Jostein Aksness to

Besides pursuing being the Thai people’s first option when it comes to buying real estate, he has another wish too.

”There is many cultural differences between Thailand and Norway. Thai have huge faith in authority. It can be diffucult for them to contradict to their bosses and colleagues. I will make an attempt to let them know it’s okay to speak your own mind”, sats Jostein Aksness.

Jostein Aksness has lived in Thailand in 6 years being head of development in the technology company Vizrt in Thailand, and now  he is self-employed in FindYourSpace to make it easier for people in Thailand to get a property without problems.




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