Novo Nordisk to raise the amount of clinical trial investment in Thailand

Novo Nordisk is a leading global healthcare company, founded in 1923 and headquartered in Denmark. Novo Nordisk specializes in diabetes care medication and the long-established Danish company has been providing vital medication for patients with diabetes and obesity for over 35 years in Thailand.

In a recent article by Bangkok Post, Mr. John Dawber, Vice President and General Manager of Novo Nordisk Pharma (Thailand) Limited talked, amongst other things, about the company’s plan looking towards the next ten years and its aim to raise the amounts of clinical trial investment in Thailand.

On why Novo Nordisk entered Thailand over three decades ago, John Dawber said, “As we saw healthcare develop in Thailand, we realized that we could bring a commercial function, but also a clinical research function. The Thai government was supporting the investment in clinical research and development of new medicines in Thailand and Novo Nordisk saw that as a nice opportunity to bring research, clinical trials, and then set up a commercial function.”

Despite the pandemic and the challenges it has brought along, Novo Nordisk has a strong presence in Thailand and the company’s growth rate was more than 20 percent last year with a revenue of THB 2.2 billion. According to John Dawber, Nova Nordisk’s success can be described through four aspects: ‘Partnership’ with the government and authorities, ‘Products’ that are good, ‘People’ and experts who drive the company forward, and ‘Passion’ to improve the lives of Thai patients.

Looking towards the next 10 years, Novo Nordisk expects to have a strong partnership with the Thai FDA as well as a high level of expertise of Thai doctors. Between 2016-2020 Novo Nordisk invested THB 189 million in clinical trials in Thailand and the company aims at raising that from 2021 to 2025 to up to THB 300.000 million.  

In addition to raising the amount of clinical trial investment in Thailand, Novo Nordisk will continue to develop diabetes and obesity-related products, but the company will also enter three new areas, including liver disease, kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s. 

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