One Night in Paris – an overall success

One Night in Paris was the theme of this year’s DABS Annual Gala Dinner. As always, the event included phenomenal dresses, great dinner, champagne en masse and the distribution of the DABS Business Award.

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This year’s Danish performers Big Fat Snake perfectly matched the French premise with their theme song Bonsior Madame which surely is a song that will get most people twirling on the dance floor. 170 guests joined the party at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel. Days after, when then eventual hangovers had eased out, DABS send out a thank you-note to all participants:

“Thank you all – sponsors, guests and entertainers – for an absolutely amazing DABS Gala Dinner on the 19th of May.”

ScandAsia has talked with two of the participants who both agree that the evening was delightful. Maria Ruby and Camilla Sejr Larsen enjoyed the nice atmosphere, good company, extraordinary dresses and champagne ad libitum. Also, the yearly night snack was complimented – the all Danish hotdogs.

“It was lovely,” Camilla Sejr Larsen states.

Photo: Tatyana Kildisheva @Kildi Photo (


Quality rather than quantity

Even though the overall impression of the night was a success, the two guests did ask for a little more attention to the details for next year’s Gala Dinner. The impression was that some of the younger generations stayed home.

“We usually get these little photos taken that we can bring home with us. Still, I will definitely attend next year if there is a great band,” Maria Ruby states.

According to DABS president Stine Martinussen the association made the priority to focus on quality rather than quantity. For instance, more finance went to the photographer in order to get higher quality pictures than previous years. And no less than 152 bottles of champagne were emptied at the end of the night.

“We want it to be as distinguished as possible,” Stine Martinussen explains.

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And the DABS Business Award goes to…

Not only was the evening about the music and great company. This annual and very special event is also a way of celebrating Danish business in Singapore. To do so, DABS each year chose a winner among nominated candidates for the DABS Business Award. And the winner of the award 2018 is a company that every person who have had their childhood in Denmark value dearly. That is, of course, LEGO.

“This year’s DABS Business Award went to a company which most of us will come across at some point during our lives; LEGO!” DABS states. The award was received on behalf of LEGO by Leslie Falvey, General Manager, Singapore and Malaysia.

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DABS visited the LEGO office prior to the Gala Dinner. And the award was given to LEGO for their innovative approach to “New Ways of Working”, which DABS explains:

“LEGO Singapore has created a very dynamic workspace, which focuses on activity-based working and allows each individual to structure his or her workday based on the tasks at hand. In practice, the office space has been divided into a number of different work zones that enable employees to change seating throughout a workday or week, and to meet colleagues and collaborate across teams, functions and specializations. By focusing on the ways of working LEGO has acknowledged that people have varying needs to focus and collaborate with colleagues during a day and that traditional-style offices do little to cater for these needs.”


See more pictures from the Gala Dinner below:

Photo: Tatyana Kildisheva @Kildi Photo (
Photo: Tatyana Kildisheva @Kildi Photo (
Photo: Tatyana Kildisheva @Kildi Photo (
Photo: Tatyana Kildisheva @Kildi Photo (

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