Opening reception of Nordic-Chinese concert

The opening reception of the project “Nordic Music By Design” in Shanghai took place on 28 November.

Photo: Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai

“Nordic Music Dy Design” is a collaboration between the four Nordic Consulates General in Shanghai.

The project pairs Nordic musicians and producers with their Chinese counterparts for a week-long studio time to work on creating a song, followed with a live performance on 1 December 2018.

The opening reception was held at the Norwegian Consul General’s residence to welcome all the artists. Norwegian Consul General Kristin Iglum, host of the reception, delivered official greetings on behalf of all four Nordic consulates. “Music by Design” artistic director Abe Deyo told more about the background of the project and this year’s artists.

The reception was attended by some 60 guests, according to Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai.

The lineup for the project this year is composed of Swedish soul singer Elias, Danish producer duo Farveblind, Norwegian musician Bror Forsgren, Finnish singer-songwriter and kantele performer Ida Elina, accompanied with their Chinese counterparts Xixi, ChaCha, Dirty Fingers, and Jasmine Li.

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