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The Little Locksmith” is the title of Katharine Butler Hathaway's widely acclaimed memoir that carries us through her amazing transformation. It is a book about faith and disability that has been unfortunately forgotten by critics and recently brought back into printing mode.


The Struggle Of Not Becoming A Hunchback


The book takes us back to the year 1895 when Katharine was only 5 years old and a specialist was strapping her to a board to prevent her from turning into a hunchback. She was suffering from spinal tuberculosis and her mother was telling her she should express her gratitude for the fact that she was being taken care of by a renowned surgeon. Should they have failed to do so, she could have ended up like a "little locksmith" who can only perform jobs at home and who is known to have a strange peak in his back, according to little Katharine’s mother. The little girl was forced to spend her days and nights in bed, immobilized till the end of 15, when she discovered she was a hunchback and her body had nor grow more than that of a 10-year-old. The teenage girls starts her struggle with life’s hardships and she tries to overcome her physical limitations by attending Radcliffe College, making friends, writing, and buying her own house in Castine. There, she decorated every room just the ways he wanted to and turned it into a haven for her guests – and she might have even used one or two locksmiths her mother made her fear so much.


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Author Katharine Butler Hathaway has passed away in 2014 and she was not given the chronicles she would have truly deserved for showing her courage and turning her frightful tragedy into a genuine lesson where life has prevailed.

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