Thailand – Scandinavian business fair and summer party

If you are a Scandinavian business owner or if you are simply in the mood for a party with a Nordic touch then you need to mark the calendar for July 13!

On that date a fair for Scandinavian businesses followed by the Nordic bash of the year is found in Jomtien, Pattaya. The event is hosted by VIP-Reiser Thailand.

“There are many Scandinavian companies in Thailand but we don’t really have any events of this sort, so it is a chance for businesses to show themselves and then it all ends with a big party. We also wanted to do something for charity but never knew what, so it was a good opportunity for that as well. Proceeds go to a foster home and a center for disabled Thais,” Tom Stenshavn of VIP Reiser explains.

So far there are 10 stands at the mini fair including a few small restaurants and real-estate companies, which will be a big part of the fair. Tom Stenshavn says that 100 tickets have been sold for the party, but keeping in mind that many have a tendency to be last minute he hopes that the number will be 200, while he also aims for more businesses at the stand.

Asides from the party there will also be a race with different posts with assignments starting at 2.30 pm. There can be 1-4 persons in a team and there should be a driver on each team. There will be a total of 10 posts and there will be a prize for the winners of the race.

The party will take off at 6 pm at Baan Norway which is between Pattaya and Jomtien in Thapraya Road Soi 15. The dinner itself will be a large buffet and a bar. During the dinner there will be entertainment on stage and after the dinner there will be a professional band and other features.

If you wish to participate in the race and party, the price is 2,000 baht per person. If you only wish to join the party the price is 1,500 baht.

Tickets can be bought at Kåre’s Party Bar, Ma Maison Hotel, Pattaya or at New Nordic. Tickets can also be bought online here.

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