Police looking for 11 year old Swedish boy of Thai descent

A convicted Swedish pedophile illegally brought his 11 years old stepson to Thailand last Christmas. The police are still searching for the boy.

In November 2013 The Social Welfare Board of Sweden gave green light for a Swedish man to adopt his stepson after his Thai wife had died. Shortly after this decision, Swedish newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad revealed that the process of approving the man as an adoptive father was full of mistakes.

The approval was withdrawn, but since the boy had no other guardians in Sweden he stayed with his Swedish stepfather. Even though the stepfather was convicted for child abuse in 2004 and has subsequently been suspected of raping another child. All in all, this man is not an average family father, he has been sentenced to serve time in prison four times for a total of 90 offenses, most of them related to financial crimes.

Just before Christmas 2013 the stepfather violated Swedish law and traveled to Thailand with his former stepson. According to Helsingborg Dagblad the stepfather claims to have handed the boy over to his biological father, but this cannot be confirmed since both stepfather and biological father refuses to cooperate with the authorities and reveal where the boy is.

The Thai police have been looking for the boy the last three to four months. The boy’s Swedish lawyer hopes to get him back to Sweden through a Haag Convention. But the boy’s mixed nationality makes the case more complex. Helsingborg Dagblad has spoken to an officer at the Attorney General’s Office in Bangkok, according to her the case will end up in a family court if the boy is found and none of the parties are willing to cooperate.

Source: Helsingborg Dagblad


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