Post Danmark reaching for Chinese stamp collectors

Danes who enjoys the hobby of collecting newly pressed stamps are becoming a small group. Post Danmark Stamps who produce stamps to collectors say that their number of members have been decreasing in the recent years. Both nationally and internationally Post Danmark Stamps only has 20.000 members.

Newly pressed  stamps are usually not collectors items with any profit tied to it, but in China there is an interests for the newly pressed stamps. The country has the largest group of collectors counting 20 million stamp enthusiasts. Post Danmark Stamps wants a piece of these 20 million and are now looking to expand.

“In 2010 we started working with China Post in selling newly pressed stamps,” Lene Reipuert who is head of Post Danmark Stamps explains.

“We expect to increase our market share in China in the years to come as our products and country becomes more known. The number of collectors  are fairly stable, but as the means of the Chinese continue to increase, those who have the interest will be able to tend to it,” says Lene Reipuert who also explains that in Denmark

The largest investment in stamps featuring H.C. Andersen and The Little Mermaid. They are sold at face value but are only produced in a limited addition which increases the chance of an increase in value.

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