President of DABS resigns

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Jakaob Bergholdt, CEO of Norden Shipping Singapore, will be the new DABS President – but only for the rest of departing president Lars Kyvsgaard’s term, he says.

The President of DABS, Lars Kyvsgaard, has announced that he is resigning since he is moving back to Denmark. Jakob Bergholdt, CEO of Norden, will be the temporary president but a permanent replacement won’t be elected until early 2016.

Lars Kyvsgaard, Nordea, is moving back to Denmark since he has received a new assignment for Nordea Bank.

“I have had the pleasure to be part of the DABS committee work for the last two years and I have really enjoyed the journey together with many great people from the DABS community,” Lars Kyvsgaard writes in a DABS newsletter.

The new interim President of DABS is Jakob Bergholdt, who is CEO of NORDEN Shipping Singapore and very known to the DABS community since he has been Honorary Treasurer for the last seven years. A position he is keen on withholding.

But, as it is right now, Jakob Bergholdt is not going to be the new permanent President of DABS.

“As a committee and organization, we will be spending the time until next Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2016 to find the new permanent president. I have made it clear to the committee that I won’t be running for the presidency at the AGM,” Jakob Bergholdt states in an email to ScandAsia.

Jakob Bergholdt has agreed to carry on the torch temporarily because he is an experienced man in the committee.

“Since we’re right now looking in to our DABS value proposition and trying to increase the memberships, I agreed to temporarily take charge and lead these drives through the rest of 2015 so we won’t loose momentum,” he adds.

The committee expects to elect a new permanent President of DABS right after the Annual General Meeting in early 2016.

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