Singapore signs another Danish MOU – with VCS Denmark

Following the signing of an earlier MOU (memorandum of understanding) between Singapore’s Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, and the Danish Ministry of Environment during the Singapore International Water Week 2014, another MOU has been signed.


VCS Denmark, Denmark’s third largest water and wastewater utility, and PUB, the water agency that manages Singapore’s water supply, water catchment and used water in an integrated way, are the parties in this second MOU, marking a major milestone in the cooperation between Singapore and Denmark in water solutions.

Both leading water utilities recognize the benefit of accelerating the sharing and creation of solutions by tapping on each other’s strengths in areas such as wastewater technology and operations, energy reduction, and climate adaptation.

“Through this agreement to cooperate in a wide spectrum of technical and institutional areas with PUB, VCS anticipates many benefits that will allow us to improve in the ways we serve our customers, while continuing our efforts to contribute positively to the advancement of the water industry around the world”, said Ms Gerda Hald, VCS Denmark’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

“We are excited to be partnering two leading organisations to advance our research in water management and technologies. These strategic partnerships will enable us to tap on the synergies gained from the exchange of valuable technical knowledge and experiences, and strengthen the networks and links we have built with the global water world,” said Mr Tan Yok Gin, PUB’s Deputy Chief Executive (Operations).
PUB also signed an MOU with the ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Water Resources Research and Development Centre.

The ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Centre aims to promote sustainable water resources development in Asia and Europe through science and technology. The MOU with PUB will allow the Centre to tap on Singapore’s experience in water quality management and energy recovery from the used water reclamation process, while enabling PUB to access the networks amongst ASEM members to bolster its understanding of leading-edge solutions in Asia and Europe.

Signed on the sidelines of the SIWW Technology and Innovation Summit 2015, the MOUs will boost PUB’s links with global water research institutions and utilities, and promote knowledge sharing and transfer in water related research and technology.


About VCS Denmark
VCS Denmark is the third largest water and wastewater company in Denmark. VCS operates 7 waterworks, 8 wastewater treatment plants and 3400 km of water and wastewater pipeline network.
VCS Denmark is known as a frontrunner in the water and wastewater sector. VCS Denmark has supplied the city of Odense with clean drinking water since 1853, and embodies more than 150 years of experience in water supply and wastewater management.

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