Radioactive cylinder has gone missing in Thailand

Authorities in Thailand are desperately searching for a missing radioactive cylinder, which was reported missing on Friday.

After days of investigating, Thai police in Prachin Buri province, haven’t made any progress in tracking down the harmful tube, which contains an unspecified amount of Caesium-137 radioactive material.

The steel tube, that weighs about 25 kilograms, is believed to have gone missing from a power plant in the province on Feb. 23.

Still, its disappearance was only reported to the police on Friday after staff at the plant noticed its absence during routine checks.

Police told CNN that it’s unclear if the cylinder was stolen and sold to a recycling shop or misplaced elsewhere.

On Wednesday Prachin Buri was set on a Level 2 danger alert due to the missing tube.

Thai officials have been checking local hospital records for signs of sickness that may be linked to the exposure of Caesium-137.

A surveillance system has been set up to detect signs of sickness that may be linked to such exposure. As of Thursday, no cases had been found. Meanwhile, emergency medical teams throughout the province have been preparing to provide urgent care if needed.


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