Ranked: Some Asian countries are smarter than the Scandinavian countries


Business magazine Forbes has brought a list ranking the top 25 countries in the world by intelligence. In general, the list, which has been prepared and examined by the discount website Vouchercloud is strongly dominated by countries from Asia and Europe, but Japan takes first place while the Scandinavian countries place middle to end of the smartest nations on the planet.

The list is ranked based on three things and quantifies intelligence to include how many Nobel Prizes a country has received looking at the population size to represent historical intelligence. Next, the current average national IQ, as well as countries’ school results, represent the potential intelligence of the next generation. China takes third place just after Switzerland, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are ranked 10th, 11th, and 13th respectively and the first Scandinavian country on the list is Finland ranked 15th.

Denmark takes 17th place followed by Norway and Sweden ranked 19th and 20st out of 25 countries. Finishing off the list as the 25th most clever nation in the world is Singapore.

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