Scandinavian and Asian countries final fossil fuel vehicles dates

Banning fossil fuel vehicles in Asia to become reality

Singapore appears set to become the first Asian country to impose a ban on the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles, said a statistical report by an Indonesian news outlet on the statistics. At the same time, China and Thailand are two more Asian countries that plan to ban the sale of fossil fuel for vehicles by 2035, while Norway is ahead of the rest of the world, with plans to do it by 2025 already.

According to the report by Indonesia-Investments, “Singapore is set to become the first country to impose a ban on sales of new fossil fuel vehicles (with its full ban scheduled for 2030), followed by China, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea in 2035.

Banning of fossil fuel vehicles

“Indonesia, however, will need some more time to make this transition. Initially, government officials mentioned 2040 as target year for the ban. More recently though a full ban seems to have shifted to 2050 (based on a statement by Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Arifin Tasrif in local media).

“We assume the country will see a gradual transition, starting with a ban on sales of fossil motorcycles (around 2040) before a ban on sales of fossil cars kicks in (2050).”

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Source: Indonesia-Investments

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