Museum tells stories of how Vietnamese and others found shelter in Denmark


Margrethe II, the Queen of Denmark and museum curator Claus Kjeld Jensen


In a beautiful new museum in Denmark, recently launched by Queen Margrethe II, the stories are told of refugees from countries like Vietnam and others in an installation named, Flugt, which means ‘escape’ in Danish.

In a news report by Daily Sabah, it was said that “Flugt – Refugee Museum of Denmark presents the account of migrants who have contributed to Danish society, beginning with Germans who fled the Soviet advance during World War II.”

The museum was created on the site of a camp in Oksboel, a town in southwestern Denmark that housed up to 100,000 refugees from Germany in in the years after the war.

installation at Flugt – Refugee Museum of Denmark

The interesting thing about the museum is that the stories in the own words of the refugees on large video screens.

The news report also said that since Denmark was a haven for refugees in the past, of its 5.8 million inhabitants, more than 650,000 are immigrants, while 208,000 are listed in the state statistics as descendants of immigrants.
Unfortunately, in recent years the large-scale migration has caused many western countries a lot of concern and they have had to limit the numbers of newcomers.


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