Scandinavian projects win world architecture kudos in Singapore


Yesterday at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore three Scandinavian architecture companies were awarded in three different categories. The hattrick consisted of projects drawn by Swedish, Norwegian and Danish architects.

Scandinavian architecture bureaus were strongly represented yesterday the 1st of October at the first day of the World Architecture Festival in Singapore. Norwegian A-lab, Swedish Sweco and Danish Adept were all awarded for three separate construction projects in Scandinavia.

A-lab won their prize in the category of completed housing for an unconventional apartment building on top of a high-rise in Oslo. The project is named “The Carve” because of it’s unique use of space, where a open terrace is, figuratively speaking, carved out of the building.

This project represents a new typology of building housing on top of an office building with a liveable ‘carved’ out space 15 stories up that provides amazing views across the city to the mountains and sea,” the jury said.

Sweco was awarded in the category for future infrastructure projects for Linköping Central Station, that will bring more urban life to the centre of Linköpin. The judges awarded them a prize because of the clear concept of how to use vehicles to change a city in away that to improves the public realm.

The Danish company Adapt was awarded for the new Media Library in Dalarna, Sweden. The library is build like a spiral, partly shaped by the landscape and the jury seemed to appreciate Adepts way of rethinking a library as a multi-purpose building that acts as the heart of a community as well as a library.

This adaptable project for the future offers a layering of functions around a spiral circulation which provides an inner heart space that creates an amphitheatre concept. It’s unique external shell elegantly tackles extreme weather conditions,” the jury said.

The festival ends the 3rd of October, where the winners of the main prize is revealed.

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