Swedish Film Festival in Hanoi this weekend

The Swedish film festival will take place from October 3 to 5, as one of many events marking 45 years of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Vietnam. swe_vn_filmfest

The movies will be screened free of charge at the Hanoi Cinematheque, 22A Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem District.

“Cinema lovers from Hanoi will be offered a unique chance to undertake a cinematic journey through a fantastic line-up of Swedish films which have been appreciated for years by Vietnamese audiences,” said Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Camilla Mellander.

The Swedish Film Festival focuses on popular Swedish films, giving Hanoians the best of what the Swedish film industry can offer.

From the bestselling “Easy Money” portraying organized crime in Stockholm to the Oscar-winning story of the forgotten music phenomenon Rodriguez in “Searching for Sugar Man”, the film festival has something for every taste.


3/10 19:00 Palme: The Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was loved and hated. He was a strong supporter of Vietnam during the American War and in 1986 he was assassinated on his way home from the cinema in Stockholm (this screening is by invitation only).

4/10 16:00 Show Me Love: The film tells the story of two girls and how they struggle with teenage life, and their love for each other. Finding out who they really are in the remote Swedish town of Åmål.

4/10 19:00 The Black Pimpernel: The story about the Swedish Ambassador to Chile who opposed the norm and risked his career in order to save lives during Augusto Pinochet´s military coup in 1973.

4/10 21:00 Easy Money: A hard-core thriller about organized crime in Stockholm. Everybody wants their piece of the pie.

5/10 19:00 Tzvetanka: A poetic, playful and touching documentary about the life of women and the history of a nation.

5/10 21:00 Searching For Sugar Man: The Oscar-winning documentary about the music phenomenon Rodriguez who suddenly disappeared. In his own country nobody knew who he was, but in South Africa he became a superstar.

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