Scandinavians in court for attacking taxi drivers in Singapore

Photo: SmrtBusesLuver @ WikiCommons
Photo: SmrtBusesLuver @ WikiCommons

A 50 year old Norwegian and a 29 year old Swede are charged for beating up taxi drivers in two separate incidents.

The 10th December two Scandinavians were in court for two separate beatings of taxi drivers. The 50 year old Norwegian expat is charged for both slapping and choking a cabby 1 AM on September the 22nd, according to the Singaporean news site he is now out on a 5000$ bail and he will be back in court on the 6th of January.

The 29 year old Swedish man is charged for repeatedly punching a 59 year old taxi driver in the head at 1:20 AM on the 20th December. According to pleaded not guilty.

A quick look in the archives reveals an embarrassing history of Scandinavians beating up Singaporean taxi drivers and even a police officer past midnight.

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