Scania Siam going steady in its 35 years anniversary

Scania Siam, the premium Swedish bus and truck provider, announced on 10 February 2021 its goal that 2021 should be the year of recovery and improvement in order to be a strong supporter for Thai customers during COVID-19.

Stina Fagerman, the Managing Director of Scania Siam, reveals that Scania will keep improving their products and services as a long term commitment. In 2021, Scania has been operating in Thailand for 35 years and during this pandemic situation, Scania has ambition to support Thai customers to drive their business.

Stina Fagerman says:

“In Thailand, it is going to be a year of recovery for us. It is a tough year ahead following the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. Scania has around 2.5 percent truck market share in Thailand, we are proud to say that we increased our market share during this crisis. We have also managed to reach 20 percent bus market share in Thailand, which is all time high market share for the bus sector. The increasing market share in both markets, with 297 trucks and 96 buses being registered, reflects that Scania has a bigger demand in the market and we can reach more customer groups by our best products and services. Scania focuses on all transport solutions for our customers. We will maintain the position of No.1 European truck and bus in Thailand.”

Stina adds:

“Scania is more than ready for the opening of a new service centre in Saraburi in the second quarter of this year, located around 100 kilometers from Bangkok. The new service centre is in a strategic area popular among our customers. Saraburi is the gateway to the northeast of Thailand and many of our customer operate on this route. That’s why we decided to invest more in this centre, to provide better service to our current customers. Scania owns and manages this workshop, so the customers will get the full quality of Scania’s resources and services. We hope this new workshop can support our growth in the future”.

Scania’s expansion will go in line with the government’s masterplan of Intercity Motorway Bang Pa-in – Nakhon Ratchasima. We hope that after the COVID crisis, everything will grow continuously.

The pandemic has hit everyone in the industry pretty hard, and Scania is no exception. Among other actions Scania reviewed its global production footprint and decided to halt its operation of an assembly plant in Bangkok’s eastern suburb last year. Scania Siam has therefore started to import vehicles from Sweden and other assembly lines in Europe.

“From this year, Scania vehicles will come right from the European production system to Thailand. Thanks to the Scania global production system, I can assure our vehicles will have the same quality. No matter where we make them. Most importantly, the European-made vehicle is available with the same price tag to those made in Thailand.”

“For the only business that matters. Yours.”

Photo: Scania Siam

Scania Siam celebrates 35th Anniversary this year. With a long-term commitment to the Thai market, Scania Siam plans to expand continuously. Scania Siam strives to develop efficiency-enhancing services to improve the transport flow efficiencies, increase the customer’s profitability, and drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system.

“We want to make sure our customers can make as much money as possible,” says Stina.

During a tough time with a pandemic, Scania provides a customized solution that fits the customer’s needs such as contracted services, flexible maintenance, and mobile assistance service Scania mobile assistance is working 24/7 for any emergency cases.

Scania also extends the service centre’s working hour to suit its customer’s needs at Bangna Km.19 workshop (Head Office) as the first branch to extend its service hour from 8.30 am to 10.00 pm, five hours more than the regular service hours.

Scania Service Centre Bangna Km.19 expand operation hours to be Mon – Fri, 8.30-10pm. Photo Scania Siam.

Besides making a premium commercial vehicle, Scania has committed to drive the shift towards a more sustainable transport system creating a better environment and society. The company recently set ambitious, science-based emissions reduction targets to limit global warming at 1.5?C.

In 2021, Scania Siam will continue to work with the customers on sustainability solution such as driver coaching to minimize fuel consumption, lower carbon footprint, and commit to road safety. Scania’s sustainable transport approach is based on three pillars: Energy efficiency, Renewable fuels and electrification and Smart and safe transport.

Stina said “We are going to make sure that the customers know that they can use Scania products to cut down on carbon emissions. One way to reduce the carbon footprint here and now is fuel-efficiency in the operation. Scania is ready to make the shift to alternative fuels now or electric vehicles in the future when the market need is there and it is profitable for customers to make the change. Sustainability and Profitability go hand in hand”

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