Second Swedish Film Festival in Thailand expands following the success of 2012


Last year the first ever Swedish Film Festival in Thailand offered four different films exposing Thai audience to an insight in Swedish culture and filmmaking. The festival was a success and precisely the Thai audience was a big part of that.

While many Swedish expatriates and other Nordics claimed many of the free tickets, the film arts from the cold country attracted a surprising number of Thais who were also seated at the screen. In fact extra seats were placed at some films and nearly all tickets were gone, according to Swedish Ambassador to Thailand, Klas Molin who was interviewed at a press conference yesterday at St. Regis Hotel to promote the second festival.


In order to satisfy the large number of movie enthusiasts this year’s festival will be bigger, offering wider spectra of movies and seven films compared to last year’s four, while additional showings are also part of the program. The tickets are free and films can be seen at the festival from June 5 to 9 at SFX Cinema at the Emporium Shopping Mall. Films are in Swedish with English subtitles.

Ambassador Klas Molin was present at the press conference with a representative from SFX Cinema who has been chosen as the partner and co-organizer once again since last year’s partnership proved a success.

The Ambassador said that Sweden and Thailand’s film history actually goes back more than a hundred years and that the film festival is a good way of displaying the two countries’ long relationship.

In fact the first ever recorded film in Sweden is of the visit of His Royal Highness King Rama V in Stockholm in 1897.

115 years later, the arts of film have come a long way and the Swedish Film Festival offers a large variety of movies ranging from comedy to documentary that according to Ambassador Klaus Molin is a great opportunity to learn about Swedish culture.


Emphasized at the conference was the comedy “Cockpit” about a pilot who loses his job, puts on a wig and starts as a flight attendant. Also the documentary “Palme” about the life and assassination of former Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was mentioned as a favorite.

If you want to know more about the Swedish Film Festival 2013, get details from SF Call Center at 02-268-8888, visit or contact the information counter of SFX Cinema.


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