Swede arrested for drug possession on Phuket

On 8 May 2013, police in Karon on Phuket under the supervision of Police Colonel Veeravat Chantravichit at 6pm arrested a 48-year-old Swede named Jens Peter and a 29-year-old Thai man called Kwanpana Thani or known as Tom for having Methamphetamine (Ice) of 0.43 grams together with a set of drug consumption equipment in their possession. Police had run a urine test and found Amphetamines in the systems of both suspects. The arrest took place at a hotel room no. 302 located on Taina road, Karon on Phuket.


After the arrest, the police took the two suspects for further investigation which led to the arrest of a 37-year-old Thai man named Rungrueng Kwanthong at 60/1 Moo 5 Lamliang, Kraburi, Ranong province, who had 44 tablets of Amphetamines and 0.5 grams of Ice in his possession. The police could also arrest a 29-year-old Thai named Nattarin Darnsathaporn at 13 Moo 9, Krongkrabue, Pakpanang, Nakornsrithammarath province, who had Ice 0.7 grams and a set of drug consumption equipment in his possession. Nattarin also had a .38 gun with seven bullets and a pickup truck registered number บธ 8700 Phuket.

Police says further investigation and legal action will follow. They aim to make Karon a clean area free of drugs. There is help to be found for those seeking private treatment for amphetamine addiction.

Source: Manager.co.th


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