Singapore Changi airport awarded as world’s best

The Singapore Changi airport is for the sixth consecutive year the world’s best airport according to the yearly World Airport Awards.

And Singapore Changi has certainly made its way into people’s hearts, ranking in the top ten of 11 out of 16 categories including ‘best airport’.

And Asia in general seem to really have gotten a hold of managing and making an airport a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours. More than half of the top ten rankings are occupied by an Asian country such as Hong Kong International Airport.

The Scandinavian countries aren’t really to find on the list except for Copenhagen, where they apparently are very skilled in the administrative parts of airport life; immigration, security and baggage claim.

The award examines several aspects of airport life; shopping, dining, immigration, terminals and hotels. It is made by Skytrax, an online travel guide specifically for airports. The award is based on 13.73 millions of completed surveys representing more than a hundred nationalities.

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