JFCCT updates visa-guide

Some call it Thailand’s Achilles heel while others accept it as a necessary evil in one of the world’s most visited countries and a country housing a large amount of expats.

But Thailand’s visa and immigration is by far not the easiest part of living in Thailand: Frequent re-registration, insecurity, waiting and then waiting some more.

As Thai-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Thailand writes: “Work Permit and Visa has become the single most referred to area of business irritance There are cumbersome procedures, seeming meaningless requirements and out of date concepts. Little is on-line. The broad concept of ‘work’ makes Thailand less competitive than those countries which are more accommodating.”

That’s possibly why Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce Thailand (JFCCT) has updated their very comprehensive guide to handling the visa and immigrations processes that you undeniably will face if you live here for more than a month.

The guide can be found here and covers pretty much every issue a businessman may find when entering/moving to Thailand.

And that can be a very good idea to study before coming here because if everything isn’t in order chances are that the entry to The Land of Smiles will be denied or at least made significantly more complicated.

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