Singapore fastest internet speed while Denmark gets demoted to fifth place

Denmark used to hold the fourth place in the world for the fastest internet but it has slipped down to the fifth position recently, while Singapore is hailed as the country with the fastest internet in the world right now. Here are some interesting facts and statistics for Scandinavians considering a move but who need fast internet speeds for their jobs or lifestyles. Trials are also underway to promote 6G in Southeast Asian countries.

If you’re looking for speedy internet, Singapore should be at the top of your list. New research from BanklessTimes has shown that Singapore has the highest recorded median internet speed in the world at 207.61 MBPS.

Chile came in with the second-highest median internet speed of 200.01 MBPS, while Thailand took the third position with 189.64 MBPS. Three countries in Asia also had speeds ranked in the top ten in the world, with Hong Kong having a median internet speed of 181.70 MBPS, China sitting at 162.74 MBPS, and Macau at 158.48 MBPS.

The global median download speed in the fixed broadband category was reported to be 63.46 MBPS. The annual percentage change in median upload data speed was found to be 38.06%.

On the other hand, the median upload internet speed for the same category globally is 27.06 MBPS, and the median latency globally is 10 MBPS. The latency rate did not experience rapid changes from April 2021 to August 2021 and remained constant at 11ms. It dropped to 10ms from September 2021 to April 2022, representing a 9.09% improvement over the past year.

BanklessTimes’s CEO Jonathan Merry says that there were a couple of key changes to trends globally that signify growth and development in the broadband and internet space.

“Of the top eight countries with the fastest internet speed in the fixed broadband category, China is the most improved one, having stepped up three positions,” he says.

“Hong Kong improved by one position, while Denmark was demoted from the fourth to the fifth. The remaining countries, including Singapore, Chile, Thailand, Macau, and the United States, maintained their positions.”

While Singapore came first in the fixed broadband internet category, it also dropped to the twenty-second position in the mobile internet category with a median of 64.05 MBPS. UAE and Qatar were the victors in this category with readings of 134.48 MBPS and 129.36 MBPS respectively.

There are currently three major Internet service providers in Singapore, namely, Singtel, StarHub, and M1 and other growing providers like MyRepublic and ViewQwest. On May 21 2021, Singtel launched one of the first global 5G standalone (SA) networks with Ericsson.

There is also significant growth across Asia in the connectivity space, which may reflect why the data is strong.

Experimental trials are also underway around the world to promote 6G, and these have been undertaken with NEC, DOCOMO and NTT. A new high-performance submarine cable is also being built to enhance connectivity between Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia.

Source: DataCenter News

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