Singapore to require vaccinations for foreigners working or residing in the city-state

In a statement on 26 December, Singapore’s Health Ministry announced that it will be required for foreigners intending to work, study or reside in the country to be vaccinated starting 1 February onwards. 

“From 1 February, applicants who wish to work on a long-term basis or permanently live in the city-state, as well as those looking to renew existing employment visas, will have to be inoculated against Covid-19,” Singapore’s Health Ministry said.

The move comes as the country tightens restrictions to try and cope with the emergence of the Omicron Covid-19 variant. 

“Given the transmissibility of omicron and the open nature of our society, it is inevitable that omicron will spread in our community,” the Ministry of Health said.

The rules do not apply to children below the age of 12 years old and those medically ineligible for the vaccines, the Ministry added. 

Source: Bangkok Post

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