Singaporean artist exhibits art from stay in Svalbard


Following her residency on Svalbard, half way between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole, artist Wyn-Lyn Tan conveys the visually astounding and serene beauty of the High North through her exhibition at FOST gallery.

The FOST Gallery presents the solo exhibition “Silence On A Milk Mountain” by Singaporean artist Wyn-Lyn Tan. Being widely exhibited in a multitude of exhibitions across the globe, she became the 2nd Singaporean ever to take up residency in The Arctic Circle.

This project is an artist and scientist led annual expedition. Distinguished guests are invited to explore remote and fascinating destinations aboard a historic and specially outfitted sailing vessel. Attracting international artists of all disciplines, scientists, architects and educators, the project provides inspiration and interdisciplinary collaboration. The main focus of the Arctic Circle is thus to “support creation and exhibition of new and pioneering work, and aims to empower the creative individual while fostering the collaborative”.

From FOST gallery on the exhibition:

“Taking inspiration from this glacial journey, this body of work evokes a hopeful sense of place, expectation, longing and solitude. The fleeting nature of memories is explored in relation to atmosphere and time – the rhythm of the seas, transient light from dawn to dusk, the melting of snow and ice.”

“The austere Arctic landscape conveys an overwhelming sense of absence, which led to paintings that invoke an unsettling stillness. While they are barren, ethereal, and haunting, the paintings impart an abstracted narrative that remains vast, forceful, and elemental. Tan has captured the gentle luminosity seen in the northern latitudes with a deliberate building of colour and layers akin to the passing of time.”

The exhibition comprises paintings and video installations.

Where: FOST Gallery, 1 Lock Road #01-02, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108932

When: Currently open – 2 June

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm, Sunday 11am-6pm

Free admission


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