Swedish Embassy holds regional workshop on anti-corruption

Organised by the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok and Development of Cooperation Section, Regional Workshop on Anti-Corruption in Asia is held on 22-23 May 2013 at The Sukosol Hotel (formerly Siam City Hotel) on Phayathai road.

The two-day event is aimed at raising the awareness of corruption risks and consequences, as well as building the capacity of partners to better handle the risks of corruption in their work. There are over 130 participants from more than 30 organisations, including staff from the embassy and Development Cooperation Section (Sida).

Activities at the event include seminars, discussions and presentations from the Norwegian anti-corruption organisation, Humanitarian organisation from the Philippines, the United Nations, NGO from Cambodia, and anti-corruption experts from Thailand.

Dr. Somrudee Nicrowattanayingyong states that we have to fight corruption as it leads to poor economics and political situations. Also it weakens the laws and risks undermining democracy, thus affecting foreign investments in countries with the problem. She says that Sweden has less corruption than most countries because of its good politics and strong legal system. On top of that, the people in Sweden also don’t accept and don’t ignore the problem.

At the event, participants discussed how corruption is an obstacle to development. And the idea “Corruption will be less if people in the country don’t accept it” was also discussed as all need to take part in solving the problem.



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