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While I was waiting for the new smartphone case from the Swedish company Krusell to arrive at my mailbox, I wondered what I could possibly write about it that hasn’t already been said about this type of phone case; it protects the phone, it’s practical that it also fits my credit card, and of cause you have to get used to your phone taking up a bit more space in the pocket or purse.

But then I received the case and opened it. I’ve never used this type of case before so I investigated it and its possibilities with a great curiosity. To be honest, my first thought was that how odd it was that there is no hole in the top corner for the camera. Well, I thought to my self, maybe this is just not a case for the fanatic photographer. But of cause, I just hadn’t thought about looking at the box before I tried it out. Because when I placed my iPhone on the (very) sticky, rectangular square, which makes sure that your phone won’t drop off, I realized that you can slide this square up and down. Up, so you can take a picture. Down, so your whole phone is protected. Clever.

The Malmö FlipWallet Slide edition from Krusell walks a fine line between being simple and advanced. On one hand, you can just open it, check your phone, pick up your credit card and close it again. That’s not rocket science, and the case is pretty slim so your phone doesn’t have to turn into a monstrous brick. On the other hand, it has another feature, probably inspired by most iPad cases. You can flip the case further up, fold it like a triangular tent, and there, you have yourself the iPhone version of a bookend so you can watch Netflix or a Youtube clip without having to hold it yourself. Clever.

This iPhone case proves to me that the protective function of the case has drifted to becoming a minor detail. With this product Krusell has exploited what the smartphone has become. We use our smartphone for so many things that it has almost become more important to us than our wallet. Many manufacturers know that – including Krusell – and many manufacturers have exploited that by combining wallet and smartphone and made it into one piece. But with this slim fit, handmade Malmö FlipWallet Slide, Krusell shows that you can always make it smarter and more user friendly. I’m sure that this iPhone case is not the solution for everybody, but I think you should try it out. It convinced me.

The Malmö Flip Wallet Slide is yet not available on the market. But if you cannot wait to get a hold of it, simply just visit to make a purchase for only $30. Also visit for more information about their other products.

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