SOK explains why China has change limit values ​​for covid tests on entry to Beijing Olympics

The limit values ​​for positive covid test in China have been adjusted. Photo: Bildbyrån.

China has changed the limit values ​​for covid tests on entry to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. This means that the limit values ​​are now adjusted so that it will be easier to test negative, especially if you have had covid before.

Lars Markusson, media manager at the Swedish Olympics Committee (SOK) explains to SVT Sport that the limit values ​​have been adjusted to avoid mildly positive cases.

The Winter Olympics in Beijing is approaching and many are worried about the pandemic’s impact on the games and infection among athletes and leaders. Until Sunday evening, the limit value for positive testing was higher compared to other parts of the world which meant that a smaller content of the virus was required to test positive.

But now the International Olympic Committee has adjusted the limit values. It is the so-called CT value that has been lowered from the previous 40 to 35.

“Now the limit values ​​are set at the same level as it is in American sports. So if you get to play in the NBA, you also get to enter China. That is how you can sum it up,” Lars Markusson says.

The changed rules mean that people with a CT value above 35 will be seen as negative. Those with a value below 35 will be seen as positive.

“The CT values ​​have been adjusted to avoid mildly positive cases,” Lars Markusson says.

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