Some of the best casinos in Macau

Macau has become world renowned for one thing and one thing only – casinos. The island on the opposite side of the Pearl River Delta to Hong Kong is home to some of the brightest casinos in the world – such as these jewels.

The Wynn Macau
This is one of several Macau casinos to be based on ones found on the Vegas Strip, and like the others, it doesn’t suffer by comparison. The Wynn is the high roller playground of the rich and famous in Macau, and you might find the stakes in the poker rooms and at the baccarat and blackjack tables a bit too high, especially if you are used to playing at online casinos like However anyone can enjoy shows like the Dragon of Fortune or the Tree of Prosperity, which provide a high tech twist on traditional Chinese culture.

The Galaxy Rio Macau
Almost the complete opposite of the Wynn – this is a much smaller casino where the games are pitched at a more affordable level. This has succeeded in making the Galaxy Rio the Macau casino that gamblers living there choose to play at. It has a slightly edgy, B movie atmosphere that can make you feel like George Raft or Humphrey Bogart in a gangster film, with the night club offering an excitingly edgy slice of local colour.

The Venetian Macau
It may be on the same island, but the Venetian Macau is worlds away from the Galaxy Rio in terms of atmosphere and feel. This is a classy casino which, like the one of the same name on the Vegas strip, takes its cues from the look of Venice – right down to having canals and gondola rides available. It also has a 1,800 seat theatre (where you can see the exclusive Zaia show) and its own golf course, alongside the gambling options.

The Grand Lisboa
If you think a casino should be just about maximising the games opportunities without any distractions, this casino that looks like a lotus will be the ideal place for you. It is all about the gaming at the Grand Lisboa, with the poker tournaments of an especially impressive standard. It was the first Macau casino to introduce games from the West like craps and Texas Hold’em poker, alongside Fan-Tan and other Asian favourites.

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