Jan Egeland spoke on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Norwegian Jan Egeland, former Chairperson of the High-level Taskforce for the Global Framework for Climate Services gave a lecture on the importance of being proactive in disaster prevention and preparedness and climate change adaptation on Friday October 5th, 2012, in Bangkok.

The Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, based in Bangkok, hosted the event which facilitated a panel discussion with scholars and professionals from around the region. The panel discussion was attended by leading officials, scholars and professionals in Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management including Norwegian Ambassador Ms. Katja C. Nordgaard and Minister Counselor Erik Svedahl.

“Climate services are weakest in the places that need them most – climate-vulnerable developing countries. This situation is unacceptable and unjust,” Mr Egeland explained.

The impacts of natural disasters associated with climate change leave thousands displaced and are often the root of humanitarian crises throughout South and Southeast Asia. In response to the region’s changing climate and natural disasters that accompany it, international development partners are working together to make communities in urban and rural areas more resilient. Seven of the ten most populous cities are located in South and Southeast Asia, and by 2030, they are expected to double their population from 1.36 to 2.64 billion (source: UNFPA). With this fact in mind, it is vital to understand how to adapt to climate changes, and how to be better prepared for natural disasters, including a rising sea level.

Mr. Egeland elaborated, “The time has come for setting up a global system for providing climate services and applying them in decision making at every level of society. Putting this system in place is very much within reach, but will require unprecedented collaboration across political, functional and disciplinary boundaries, and a global mobilisation of effort.”

The event was a huge turn-out and Mr. Egeland gave an eye-opening and informative lecture to participants.

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