Southeast Asia target for Finnish digital building permit solutions

Evolta Oy from Finland, an innovative leader regarding digital building permitting solutions is currently touring Southeast Asia, reported the Embassy of Finland in Bangkok.

In early September, Sales Director Southeast Asia, Mr Jari Hietala, met with an Executive Vice President, Mr. Meetham Na Ranong, at the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA), Thailand.

Evolta’s services include eTransaction, eArchiving and other solutions that support the electronic permit application process for built environment.

Evolta’s goal when starting was to create a new web service that would make construction-related permit processes faster and easier. Together with The Finnish Ministry of the Environment, they created a service to meet the diverse needs of citizens, municipal authorities, architects and other construction business experts.

“As a result, the processing times are significantly shorter and applicant satisfaction has increased.”

The Finnish Ministry of the Environment is responsible for several massive projects that digitize services relating to the built environment. Together with the ministry Evolta started to create a new electronic service, Lupapiste, which gathers all parties working with construction-related permits at one web address.

DEPA gathers city development firms to drive Smart City via public-private power for sustainable integration.

DEPA was established to promote and support the development of digital industry and innovation and the digital technology adoption in order to achieve the economic, social, cultural and security benefits in the national level in accordance with the Digital Development for Economy and Society Act promulgated on 23 January 2017.

The agency shall propose the strategy in line with the national policy and plan regarding the digital development for economy and society.

Source: Embassy of Finland in Bangkok


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