Sunquick introduces ready-to-drink fruit beverage


Sunquick of Denmark, the trusted fruit beverage brand, on 11 October 2016 announced a refreshing addition to its product range with the Sunquick Fruit Drink. Specially crafted to be enjoyed at home or on the go, these ready-to-drink packs boast greater convenience and can be purchased in four refreshing flavours at all major retail stores in Malaysia from October.

The factory expansion and launch of the new ready-to-drink product in Penang was officiated by Denmark’s Ambassador to Malaysia, Nicolai Ruge.

Denmark Ambassador Nicolai Ruge

While Sunquick is widely known for its glass-bottled fruit-based concentrate, the new fruit drink is a refreshing new take on this classic look, without compromising on the distinctive Sunquick taste that both children and grown-ups have come to know and love. Targeted at families, it is a thirst-quenching treat and a perfectly convenient solution for modern mothers who want to provide their children with a delicious fruity refreshment, amid their busy lifestyles and time-strapped schedules, writes Barkath CO-RO, the Sunquick manufacturer for Southeast Asia.

Besides being a convenient and refreshing beverage, Sunquick Fruit Drink continues to deliver on the promise of providing customers with goodness from the fruit. These treats contain real fruit juice, are packed with Vitamin C and do not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.

It is available in two child-friendly sizes –the unique 125ml pack, which is perfect for smaller children, and the popular 200ml drink pack. Each handy treat is sold in a convenient Tetra pack that is easy to handle, transport and dispose of, and includes a smart Z-straw to ensure minimum spillage.

Erik Lund shows the new Sunquick fruit drinks

“Sunquick products have been enjoyed by families around the world for decades, and we always strive to keep up-to-date with current demands by improving our product range so customers can enjoy the great taste of Sunquick in a variety of ways, according to their needs,” said Dato Seri Barkath Ali, Chairman of the board of Barkath CO-RO Manufacturing S/B.

“Similarly, our fruit drink has been specially created to cater to the demands of the modern family, with its practical size and refreshing flavours. This addition to our current product line will create a more holistic Sunquick experience for our consumers, while allowing them to savour the goodness of our Sunquick flavours on-the-go, no matter where they are.”


Sunquick Fruit Drink flavours
ORANGE: A nice, refreshing taste of ripe, sunny oranges
MIXED MANGO: A really yummy taste full of tropical sweetness
APPLE: An applelicious thirst-quenching flavour full of joy
BERRIES: An exquisite, sweet mix of the happiest berries ever

Similar to all Sunquick products distributed within the region, Sunquick Fruit Drink will be produced by Barkath CO-RO Manufacturing in Malaysia and exported to Brunei, Singapore, the Philippines and other markets like Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

Incorporated in 1992, Barkath CO-RO is a joint venture company between CO-RO A/S in Denmark and Penang-based Kumpulan Barkath, to manufacture Sunquick products in the ASEAN region. The joint venture has been marketing Sunquick fruit drinks in Malaysia for 35 years and it is today one of Malaysia’s best known household brands.

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